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00001 """
cclib (http://cclib.sf.net) is (c) 2006, the cclib development team
and licensed under the LGPL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/lgpl.html).

__revision__ = "$Revision: 860 $"

import types

import logfileparser

import adfparser
import gamessparser
import gamessukparser
import gaussianparser
import jaguarparser
import molproparser
import orcaparser

00022 def ccopen(source, *args, **kargs):
    """Guess the identity of a particular log file and return an instance of it.
      source - a single logfile, a list of logfiles, or an input stream

      one of ADF, GAMESS, GAMESS UK, Gaussian, Jaguar, Molpro, ORCA, or
        None (if it cannot figure it out or the file does not exist).

    filetype = None

    # Try to open the logfile(s), using openlogfile.
    if isinstance(source,types.StringTypes) or \
       isinstance(source,list) and all([isinstance(s,types.StringTypes) for s in source]):
            inputfile = logfileparser.openlogfile(source)
        except IOError, (errno, strerror):
            print "I/O error %s (%s): %s" %(errno, source, strerror)
            return None
        isstream = False
    elif hasattr(source, "read"):
        inputfile = source
        isstream = True
        raise ValueError

    # Read through the logfile(s) and search for a clue.
    for line in inputfile:

        if line.find("Amsterdam Density Functional") >= 0:
            filetype = adfparser.ADF

        # Don't break in this case as it may be a GAMESS-UK file.
        elif line.find("GAMESS") >= 0:
            filetype = gamessparser.GAMESS

        # This can break, since it is non-GAMESS-UK specific.
        elif line.find("GAMESS VERSION") >= 0:
            filetype = gamessparser.GAMESS

        elif line.find("G A M E S S - U K") >= 0:
            filetype = gamessukparser.GAMESSUK

        elif line.find("Gaussian, Inc.") >= 0:
            filetype = gaussianparser.Gaussian

        elif line.find("Jaguar") >= 0:
            filetype = jaguarparser.Jaguar

        elif line.find("PROGRAM SYSTEM MOLPRO") >= 0:
            filetype = molproparser.Molpro

        # Molpro log files don't have the line above. Set this only if
        #   nothing else is detected, and notice it can be overwritten,
        #   since it does not break the loop.
        elif line[0:8] == "1PROGRAM" and not filetype:
            filetype = molproparser.Molpro

        elif line.find("O   R   C   A") >= 0:
            filetype = orcaparser.ORCA

    # Need to close file before creating a instance.
    if not isstream:
    # Return an instance of the chosen class.
        return filetype(source, *args, **kargs)
    except TypeError:
        print "Log file type not identified."

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